Romsey OrganWorks supplies custom-made keyboard stacks specifically for use with Haupwerk. They are made in England of the highest quality materials. All keyboards come with solid oak key-blocks, a blank piston rail, base tray and MIDI encoder.

Keyboards are either Fatar TP/60 or UHT (to special order) supllied wired to the MIDI encoder.

MIDI Encoder

The lower manual in the the keyboard stack is fitted with a master encoder. This includes the USB, MIDI, toe piston and pedalboard connectors. All other manuals will be fitted with slave enccoders that just drive the keyboard and pistons.

Up to 29 engraved thumb pistons can be fitted to each manual. Nomenclature and layout can be user defined. Pistons are supplied fitted to the piston rail and wired to the MIDI encoder.

Two styles of music desk are available, full-width oak and a slightly narrower toughened glass.

For full pricing see price list.

Example price for a 2 manual key stack as below - £1,790 + VAT.

Example price for a 3 manual key stack as below - £2,570 + VAT.

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