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The Yamaha YPT-210 makes an excellent donor for an organ keyboard. It is readily available and has a better feel than the M-Audio Keystation, but requires more work to convert. Another benefit of the Yamaha keybed is that the keys do not need to modified to achieve an AGO compliant overhang. Once the casing has been removed, the plastic chassis needs substantial modification. This can be accomplished with a hacksaw blade and a file. See pictures below. Once the superfluous plastic has been removed, a minor electrical modification needs to be made in order for the keyboard to automatically switch on when power is applied.

For a DIY console project, we no longer recommend Yamaha keyboards due to the effort required to modify the chassis. A better choice is the Behringer UMX610. However, please read this article before buying. Please note, we no longer produce Yamaha, M-Audio or Behringer based consoles or woodwork kits.